Knit Yourself a Rainbow!

Or knit one for your babe, but honestly, this blankie is gorgeous and I’d like to steal it for myself. Not so much a pattern as a recipe, as most of my knitting projects end up being. You need a whole bunch of colors of one yarn. The one I used was a baby specific yarn, so it’s machine washable and very soft. I can’t remember the exact brand, and I think it’s discontinued anyway. So just pick what you like πŸ™‚

To make the ombre pattern, you might need to prep your yarns. I used ten colors, each three times. (with the exception of the red and purple, which were only two times each). If you know how much yarn you can get out of each skein, you can just decide how many rows of each color you want to do, and knit from two balls at a time. I didn’t know how many, and I wanted them all to be the same, so I rolled all my yarns into balls beforehand. I weighed all my balls on a kitchen scale, to make sure they were the same. It actually worked really well. I wound two strands each ball, starting with red/red. Then red/pink, pink/pink, pink/orange/, orange/orange, orange/yellow, yellow/yellow, yellow/light green, and so on through all the colors. Then you can begin!

It’s knit in my favorite stitch, seed or moss stitch, which is knit over an odd number of stitches. I think I did maybe 91? I can’t remember exactly as I knit most of this while pregnant. Cast on as many stitches as you want to make your blanket size, swatching if necessary. (I rarely do, I’m not a very particular knitter.. leads to many odd looking projects). I do know I used a size 15 needle! Cast on all your many stitches, making sure it’s an odd number! Then get knitting! Seed stitch is knit one, purl one, all the way down the row, ending with knit one. Repeat every row. Super easy. (Note: You CAN knit seed stitch on an even number of stitches. First row would be K1, P1 and repeat. Second row P1, K1 and repeat. I don’t do this because I’m lazy and I don’t like remembering to switch each row. So if the exact number of stitches is not important, I use odd numbers.)

I did ten rows in each color combo. Here are the results!

Isn’t it beautiful?? And there’s darlin’ Lil’ O snuggie in her blanket, with her paci somehow spit up on her head. She did that herself.

You can very easily change the look of this blanket with different colors, maybe a neutral scheme (not me. never neutrals. but maybe you.) Or less colors and bigger swatches of them. It’s a simple blanket recipe that makes a lovely heirloom project to be cherished by your little ones or yourself!

A note about needle size: I used giant size 15’s, again, because I’m kinda a lazy knitter and I want to get done quicker. Her chubby little baby fingers do fit through the holes, which doesn’t bother me now that she’s older. She can manage to pull some of the strands lose, and I have to pull it around a little to fix it. So if having some loose strings bothers you, use a smaller needle. This will require more cast on stitches, more rows for each color, and ultimately, more yarn. But it’ll be a tighter knit.

Have fun!


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