Country Living, City Style

Hello! It may seem like I’ve forgotten about all my loyal readers (hi mom!) but I’ve just been super busy with the baby of course. I have been planning some new posts, and getting photos and such prepped for them, but in the meantime I thought I’d just do a quick photo gallery of some of our suburban farmy fun! Up above you can see my lovely herb box in full bloom! I picked some to dry, more on that later!

sweet baby o’s cloth dipes blowing in the breeze
Does anyone know how to make cloth diapers NOT be super crispy after they line dry???

Bath and Body Works has nothing on MY sun-ripened raspberries! They keep spreading every year! I dream of being a berry mogul!

kitchen cleaning supplies
New dish soap recipe I tried out, I’ll let you know how it works! Baking soda for stubborn stains, and of course, some lovely Easy Peasy Hand Knit Dish Cloths!

ooh nice garden clog
These are our green onions that overwintered from last summer, you can see the seeds popping out of the flowers, Hubbins is going to harvest them, which we learned you do by winnowing them on a breezy day! Neat!

Well there’s a quick peek at some of the self-sufficient activities we’ve been doing around here. Stay tuned for more!

And here’s Sherlock for good measure:giphy



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