New Uses for Old Sheets

What do you do when your sheets wear out? Just throw them in the trash? No way!! There are a multitude of things you can do with a set of old sheets and a multitude of blog posts about the subject. Cut them into rags, make rag rugs, etc etc. I have a few different ideas from what I’ve seen on those and thought I’d throw them out there!

FIrstly I decided to make us all matching outfits out of our old sheets, because they were our first sheets when we got married and I love them so. I made myself a circle skirt, which is super easy to do, and there are plenty of tutorials online for those. I made a tie for Hubbins, with a pattern I found from the Purl Bee. It is a bit short, and if I did it again I would make it longer. And I made a tiny skirt for Lil O. I happened to discover a SUPER easy way to make the baby skirt.  What part of a sheet already has elastic??  The FITTED sheet! Just cut a chunk out the size and length you want, hem and stitch the one seam. Piece of cake. I made a couple in some different sizes for her as she grows. I also could have made myself a skirt I think, if the middle of the fitted sheet wasn’t so faded!

Here’s our beautiful matching outfits!
You could also whip up some Almost Free Baby Headbands with a bit of the sheet, and I’ll be doing that too!

Another thing you could do with an old sheet is use it as wrapping paper! I had a big bulky thing to wrap up and a hunk of my old sheet worked perfectly as a wrapping.

Another thing you can do with a set of white or cream sheets is… tie dye!  I happened to get a set for free from some garage sale leftovers, and they are lovely in tie dye. I didn’t even notice that the fitted sheet wasn’t the same as the flat and pillowcases, it has a subtle floral print, but that looks really nice with the dye. A perfect way to update some boring sheets and make something new!

sweet tie dye
Well that’s it for today. Just a short post to offer some suggestions on how you can save the planet and some cash by repurposing those old sheets!!

And I think we need to end with a little Sherlock again..



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