Building your Cloth Diaper Stash for CHEAP!

There are a LOT of options for cloth diapering, and some of them can set you back a pretty penny. Of course. even the most expensive type of cloth is cheaper than years of disposables, but sometimes you don’t have the cash up front to spend. So what are you to do? Here are some easy ways to get a decent sized cloth stash for very little cash! This is how I did it, and although I didn’t keep track of every penny spent, I think I’ve spent a total of less than $150 for all my cloth diapers so far. Ready to save money?? First..

Register for them!!

This is an easily overlooked way to get diapers and accessories. Amazon has a great selection of cloth diapers of all varieties, wet bags, liners, wipes, and more. Just make sure you do your research before you pick which ones you want, since obviously you can’t touch or see them in person. We received several of the items we registered for, and we also got a few cash presents and gift cards, so…

Use cash presents and gift cards!

So pretty obvious, use cash presents or gift cards to buy your diapers. Or…

Exhange unnecessary items

If you happen to have any groovy baby stores in your town like we do, you can also exchange any items you received as gifts there that aren’t needed for cloth diaper merch. This is a pretty case-specific tip, because of course if you don’t have a baby store in town, and/or you don’t get any gifts you don’t need from there.. but still. I got three of my diaper covers that way and didn’t spend a dime on them. Other options may have cost a little but…

Go for the cheapest type you can manage

We opted for one-size covers and prefolds/liners for our diapers, because this is by far the cheapest option. I have originally planned on getting the Flip Diaper system, because I read some good reviews. I did get two Flip covers, and I love them, however I ended up also finding some other brands that work great. Rumparooz has a lot of ADORABLE prints, and I found that their one-size covers fit Lil O best when she was tiny. Fortunately I had the most of this brand. Flip were the next biggest. I also have one by Blueberry Coveralls (It has veggies on it! So cute! This brand has a lot of cutey covers too!) and it was HUGE compared to the others, and didn’t really start fitting her at the smallest size until 2.5 months. I have one other cheaper cover by Imagine diapers. It is not my favorite, the fit is still weird on her, and I usually just have it in the diaper bag as an emergency cover. When using covers and liners, you only need enough covers to last you a couple days (this will vary depending on how often you feel like switching it out, I use one cover all day unless she poos or leaks out and soaks it), depending on how often you do laundry (max three days recommended for cloth) six is a good minimum number. I have nine, and since we’ve been doing disposables at night still, this is a great amount. If you use pocket or all in one diapers you need a lot more, which ups the cost significantly. As far as liners go, the cheapest are plain ol’ prefolds (just fold in thirds!), but I really love these hemp liners because they are super absorbent, and they don’t require any folding, making them husband approved.  You again need to do a little math, but 24 is a good minimum start point for liners. I think we have 24 or 26 or something like, and it’s plenty for now. I was recently given a pocket diaper, and I’m considering getting a few of those for nighttime, since I do plan to start using cloth at night, and that way I can stuff it nice and full without the layers shifting. I can get them for free by using…

Swagbucks and Ibotta

This is my last cheap diaper tip. If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks, it’s a website/app family that rewards you for doing simple things like surveys, searches, and other activities. You won’t make a living on it, but I was able to get quite a few Amazon gift cards that I used for diaper covers, liners, and wet bags.  This is my referral link, and if you sign up we both get a bonus! Ibotta is a cash back app that gives you money back on items you shop for. You also get a bonus for signing up, and for any friends you refer that sign up. Again, the cash can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, and I think I got all of my hemp liners for free between these two apps. Here’s a link to sign up for Ibotta!

So that’s it! How to get a nice sized cloth stash on the cheap. Have any other cheap diaper tips? Let me know! Of course the most important tip is SELF CONTROL because man those things are cute beyond belief! I could easily buy a bunch more because little fluffy diaper buns are so adorable!!

My posts may contain some affiliate links, this just means if you buy a product I recommend in a link, I get a small portion of the selling price, with no increase in price for you! I only recommend products  I actually use and believe in. Thanks for your support!

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