I’m Back!! With some Cloth Diaper HACKS!

Hello hello! It’s been quite a long time since I sat down to write a post. Having my baby turned into a much bigger event than anticipated, with five days in the hospital, a very long labor, and unexpected surgery. Then the recovery period was quite difficult for many reasons, and wow who would have thought such a tiny little human could require SO much of my time?? But at any rate I’m back today with some cloth diaper tricks and tidbits I’ve picked up in the last two months.

I should say the past MONTH, as we didn’t start cloth until Lil O was about a month old. So I guess my first hack is..

Start with disposables!

My little babe was quite the pooper in the hospital. I know some people go for cloth straightaway, but she had like 8 poops her first day. I was in no shape to try to be cleaning all that off of cloth. Plus having had surgery, starting with sposies for the first few weeks made life so much easier recovery wise.

Use disposables at night!

This one might change soon, once little miss gets a little bigger. She’s a good sleeper, and so she was staying in the wetter wet of cloth for a long time. This added to the rash I’ll talk about in the next hack. Also, you have to really pack out a cloth diaper for nighttime and it made her look ridiculous! Such tiny little legs in such a massive diaper. Also she likes to poop in the morning a lot. So using disposable for sleeping helped her A:be more comfortable for a longer period B:look less silly/probably be more comfortable without a huge massive dipe all night and C: make morning poop clean up so much easier for me. As she gets bigger I’ll probably switch back to cloth at night, but it also makes cloth laundry easier so.. I kinda like the combo. Plus you only need like one pack a month so it doesn’ t break the bank.


This was something I didn’t discover until after we started cloth. Lil O got a rash almost immediately upon switching to cloth. The extra moisture from the cloth just irritated her tender baby bits. It took awhile to get rid of the rash, but once I did, barrier cream has made all the difference. It keeps the wet off her really well. I found two different recipes. The first one I made calls for one cup of coconut oil, one ounce of beeswax, and ten drops each lavender and tea tree essential oils. (The oils are optional) Just melt the oil and wax in a double boiler, let cool a little, stir in your oils, pour into your container of choice and let cool. This is quite a firm cream, and so I poured some into an empty deodorant container to make it a rub on. It works great! (you can find empty deodorant containers here) Very portable, and keeps everything looking good. The other recipe is just equal parts lanolin, coconut oil, and shea butter. I tried putting it into some empty lip gloss tubes, (like these) but the lanolin is pretty goopy and it didn’t harden up as I had hoped. This cream does work really well, so I recommend it as a jarred cream.

Fleece liners!

here are my fleece liners in progress
In addition to barrier cream. fleece liners keep baby dry too. There are tons of tutorials on making them onine, but basically how I made mine was my mother-in-law bought me a cheap fleece blanket from Walmart for like two bucks, and I cut 60 something rectangles out of it. That’s it. They go in between diaper and baby, and the fleece repels moisture so it keeps babe dry. Another great benefit of fleece liners is if baby does have a rash, you can use regular diaper rash cream without ruining your diapers. You can wash them right with your regular diaper laundry too. Also, if baby poops and you don’t want to clean it off, just toss the fleece! Since my primary reason for doing cloth was expense rather than environmental (don’t get me wrong, the environment is VERY important to me, but saving money was number one) I don’t feel bad tossing out a little rectangle of fleece that’s covered in poo. It keeps most the poo off my liners, making rinsing and laundry easier (and less gross!). You certainly could rinse and reuse them. I also use disposable wipes for the poo because rinsing cloth wipes was hard and icky. Which brings me to..

Make your own cloth wipes!

Easy. Cut up your husband’s old T-shirts that are destined for the trash. They don’t have to be uniform or pretty, they’re booty wipers! You can also buy them (I have these ones  I received for a gift and they are really nice) or make them out of flannel but the t-shirt ones work great. The nice thing about cloth wipes is that you can just toss them in the laundry instead of picking out the trash. I either use just a dry wipe to clean her off, plain water, or this recipe from one of my fave books Little House in the Suburbs:

Wipe Solution Concentrate

Mix 1/4 C liquid  castille soap, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 tablespoon lavender essential oil, and a teaspoon each tea tree oil and calendula extract. Mix one tablespoon of the concentrate with two cups water. Shake well, and before each use. Spray on your cloth wipes! Or make premoistened wipes by dumping the mixture over a container of dry wipes.


So those are my cloth diaper hacks! The only one left, which I will talk about next time, i how to get your cloth diaper stash for cheap! Laters!



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