Five Crops to grow WITHOUT a Yard or Garden!

When you live in the city and are trying to be more self-sufficient, one obstacle might be growing your own food, especially if you live somewhere with no yard. But today I’m going to share with you five things you can grow without any yard, and for a few of them, without any outdoor space at all!

1. Greens

You can grow most types of lettuce greens in a pot, or even in a window box. The best kinds are probably ones that you don’t want to grow into a huge head of lettuce, so mescluns or other varieties that you plan on just picking individual leaves for work well. Romaines, butter lettuce, leafy lettuces, and even spinach can be harvested as tiny leaves, so in a warm window or on your patio you can grow fresh salad greens! Inside you could probably do this year round as well.

2. Herbs

Herbs grow really well in pots, especially if you harvest them a lot. Indoors or outdoors works well, in fact I once grew a window box full of basil in my bedroom. I could pick baby basil leaves for caprese whenever  I wanted!  (I don’t recommend bedrooms however, because every day when I opened my blinds the overwhelming rush of dirt and basil smell was not very appealing. But if that’s all you have, go for it!)  Warm windows allow for fresh herb growing most of the year as well!

3. Blueberries

Yes, you can even grow fruit without a yard! Blueberries are of course an outside plant, but there are several varieties that grow really well in pots. The kind I have is called “Sunshine” and even though it’s still a small bush I got several handfuls of berries off it this year. I also have a lemon plant in a pot, I didn’t add it in it’s own category because living in Washington I’m still not sure how well the poor thing will do. (It had one tiny lemon that a squirrel knocked off before it was ripe, and it’s been really cold so after winter I may have a better idea!)

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes actually do really well in pots too. You just need a tomato cage to keep them in line. It probably also helps if you pay attention to them and clip some of the lower vines so you don’t end up with a crazy wandering mess of plant. No personal experience there at all. There are also ways to grow tomatoes hanging upside down, but I’ve never tried those ones.

5. Green Onions

Green and other bunching onion varieties are pretty low-maintenance, and grow well in a deep pot. Although I’ve never personally tried it, there are also a lot of tutorials on how to regrow green onions from just the root bit in some water, I always use up the white bits so I’ve never had roots to regrow, plus if you grow them from seed they last a really long time, even into the winter outside.

There you have it! Five crops you can grow without a yard or garden! That is certainly not a comprehensive list, there are many other small-space veggies you can look into. It’s a wonderful feeling to grow something yourself, and a great way to lessen your dependence on the grocery store. Enjoy your harvest!


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