Almost Free Baby Headbands

So having a little girl, of course I want to deck her out in millions of cute bows and flowers. But buying individual headbands can be expensive! I found some make-your-own kits, that come with elastics, flowers, and trims, and make anywhere from 10-25 headbands. However they are 1) all the same color scheme and 2) a lot of money still. So I headed off to Pinterest for some ideas and wow! I found an amazing solution!!

I can’t take credit for the original idea. I found two great tutorials on the basics, found here, and  here. What you do is take an old pair of tights  or nylons (well that’s what I did, they have you go buy a pair, but I’m going for almost free!) and cut up the legs into 1-2 inch strips. Then you gently pull each strip to stretch it and roll it back onto itself.  That looks something like this:

20161112_1447001                            20161112_1451091

As you can see, one pair of tights makes a LOT of headband bases! They are soft, leave no dents, and stretch big enough to comfortably fit even my giant head. Now comes the fun part. Embellishment! I scrounged around in my craft supplies and found odds and ends of ribbons, fabrics, buttons, and fake flowers that I had lying around. If you don’t have any of these things on hand, that’s where spending some money might come it, but if you’re like me and hate to throw away even a tiny scrap of a cute fabric or trim, you’ll find plenty. It doesn’t take much to make a baby bow. I even repurposed a tulle pom pom from a friends wedding! You can either hot glue (easy and fast) or sew the embellishments on the bases. I chose to sew most of them because I was also sewing some fabric flowers, which are so easy to make. Here’s how!


Cut about eight circles out of cotton fabric. If using a thin, transparent fabric like the one above on the bottom right, cut out more to make it full. ( I used 12 circles) They can be any size, and don’t need to be perfect. Fold each circle in half twice as shown by the middle green piece. If you don’t like to sew, you can hot glue these too! If you want you can have a felt base, which works best for hot glue, but I didn’t use for the sewn ones. Arrange your folded circles in a… um.. circle shape. I do four for the first layer, three for the second, and usually scrunch the eighth one to make a fancy center, but do what’s in your heart! I find sewing them makes them fluffier. Find a cute button that matches and sew or glue it in the center, and sew or glue to your headband base! Done!

As you can see from the opening picture, I made a lot of headbands. A lot. That’s not even all of them. I did spend about $8 on some fancier elastics to make some different colored bases, but that’s it. Everything else  I found in my craft buckets. And don’t overlook old clothing, the thin flower above was an old shirt I got tired of but still loved the pattern, and I used fabrics from old skirts as well! You could even just sew a button on one! I’m not done either, now I’m making bows! 😀 The sky is the limit, and poor baby O will have so many headbands she’ll probably vow never to wear one again as soon as she’s old enough.


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