DIY reusable Swiffer covers

Swiffers are great. I hate to dust, and so a quick and easy solution is just running a Swiffer around the house to take off the top layer. Unfortunately, the refills are not only expensive, but they’re only good for one or two dusting sessions (depending on the amount of dirt).  If you’re trying to save money and cut down on waste, a nice solution is to make your own covers. I will be honest, I JUST made these, so  I’ll have to let you know how they hold up later.

But they were really easy to make! Start with some washcloth sized microfiber cloths. You can find some here. Cut them into four equal pieces. I then ran one seam down the center of all four pieces. Then I folded the top and bottom pieces over and ran a second seam about a half inch from the first on just the two middle pieces. You can kind of see this in the photo below. Do this on both sides of the center seam. I used a sewing machine but you could hand sew these if you’re more patient than I am. I’ve also seen a version using fabric glue but I feel like the sewing will make them more permanent.

Microfiber cloth, cut into four pieces, sew one center seam and two side seams

The exact size of your other seams will depend on the size of your duster handle. Once you sew all three seams, you can slide in your duster handle! Either with the handle in or out (I left it in so I could make sure I didn’t cut my seams but it was a little tricky to cut) cut slits in your microfiber to make Swiffer-like dusting action. NOTE: do this over a garbage can! Cutting the microfiber makes a LOT of lint. After cutting give it a good shake or twelve. I’m optimistic that after washing them there won’t be any more lint; shaking them seemed to get rid of most of it. That’s it! I had a pack of six cloths and I could have whipped out six covers in half an hour. I only made one and a half because I was short on time but I’ll finish the others this week and then hopefully I’ll never run out of refills! (Unless they’re all dirty…..) I think these would pair fantastically with some dusting spray, and next time I’ll have some DIY cleaning product recipes! Cheers!

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