Easy One Skillet Dinner Recipe

One problem that comes up in an urban garden is that you probably don’t have the space to plant five rows of beans or 50 tomato plants. What that means is that often you get just a handful of ripe produce at a time. If you are trying to preserve your harvest that can be frustrating because you have to do a million tiny batches. Another option is a quick, hearty one skillet dinner, that makes use of whatever odds and ends you harvest in your garden that day.

The quickest and easiest form of this dinner that I make is just an onion, some garlic, green beans, and bacon. Dice the onion and garlic and begin cooking them in just a hint of oil, after a couple of minutes I use kitchen shears to chop my bacon into little pieces and drop them in the pan to continue cooking with the onion. You can use turkey bacon or a meat substitute I’m sure, but we like good bacon. One of our favorites is Hempler’s bacon, which is minimally processed and tastes delish. I usually use a full pack since this is the main dish or only dish of dinner, but feel free to use as much or as little as you prefer. After the bacon is cooked almost to where you want it, add the green beans. Salt and pepper to taste, and cook until the beans are to your liking. Serve! Pairs great with some warm bread or mashed potatoes.

If you only have a handful of green beans, and a handful of some other veggies, you can experiment with other tastes. In the picture about we used green beans, a jalapeno or two, some tomatillos, a carrot, leeks, kale, and even a few potatoes. It was fun to combine all the things we picked fresh in the garden, and make a full dinner out of it. Surprisingly, despite our immense love for potatoes, we found they didn’t go quite as well in this dish as we thought they would. Perhaps if they were added earlier so they could crisp up.

This recipe is a fun, easy, blank slate that you can adapt to whatever you’re growing or have in the fridge! Enjoy!


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