Quick and Cheap Homemade Shampoo

Just a quick post today, an easy, cheap recipe for homemade shampoo! Making your own health and beauty products CAN save you money, but they usually require an investment at the beginning. Once you have your basic supplies, you’ll see that many homemade products use the same ingredients, which saves even more money!

The shampoo recipe I use is simple and fast to make, and only uses three or four ingredients. First, castille soap, any scent will be fine but I prefer lavender.  Castille soap is very versatile and used in many cleaning products too. You can buy some here, Dr. Bronner’s brand is very well known, although if you have a Fred Meyer near you I discovered their Simple Truth store brand is almost half the price of the Bronner’s for the same amount.  The second main ingredient is coconut milk. Here’s a link, you only need a tiny amount for each batch, but I measure out how much I need for each batch and freeze them individually for future use. A small can from the store makes about 6 or 7 batches.

You only need a 1/4 cup of each Castille soap and coconut milk, and you’re almost done! Next add 20 or so drops of rosemary essential oil. Smells amazing and is great for the hair and scalp. Last, you can add a teaspoon of jojoba oil if you happen to have it on hand. If not, it’s totally fine without it. That’s it!

I used an old shampoo bottle that I cleaned out, and measured and mixed all the ingredients in it. You’ll notice after you make it (or before if you aren’t math challenged like me) that it only makes a 1/2 cup total. That’s because it only lasts about a month in the shower. My guess is because the coconut milk is perishable, although I don’t know for sure, I do know that the consistency seems to change by the end. I have short hair, so I don’t use much at a time and the small amount only lasts me a month. If you have longer hair or want to use more (you really don’t need much at all though) or are shampooing a crowd, it’s easy to double or triple. Shake before using, and then use it just like regular shampoo, but you’ll notice it’s a bit runnier so be cautious when pouring out! Lather for about 30 seconds to get nice frothy bubbles and help your scalp benefit from the rosemary. Enjoy!

My posts may contain some affiliate links, this just means if you buy a product I recommend in a link, I get a small portion of the selling price, with no increase in price for you! I only recommend products  I actually use and believe in. Thanks for your support! 

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